Monday, July 21, 2008

loving someone at the wrong time.

loving someone at the wrong time.

We have the right love at the wrong

speaks the truth when it comes to
loving someone. It's not always the
case that a love relationship will
exist or can be worked out when love
is real, time element must also be

I guess I always knew inside, I
wouldn't have you for a long time.

While one can always love, hope, and
have faith, he must also count in a
sacrifice and accept the outcome no
matter what. Acceptance of a loss is
not merely a defeat itself; it is just
a process of gaining wisdom in life.

Those dreams of yours are shining on
distant shores and if they are calling
you away I don't have right to make
you stay.

They say that if you love someone, you
should learn to let him go. How ironic
it can get to a certain point of view.
How can you let go of someone you're
still so much in love with? I guess
great understanding and selflessness
is the key to such love - an
unconditional love. It's when you
finally learn to say, "I want you to
be happy." without considering your

As what the song goes "But somewhere down the
road our roads are gonna cross again it doesn't
really matter when. Somewhere down the
road I know that heart of yours will
come to see that you belong with me."

Sometimes in life, the decision of
letting someone go actually doesn't
end up right there. It turns out to be
just a test of time. Sooner or later,
without further anticipation, your
paths will cross again. But what if it
doesn't? Then again, one could only
hope for it to happen or much better -
just have faith!

So, what's the difference between
hoping and having faith? When you are
hoping, it doesn't always necessarily
include faith. But when you are having
faith, you are actually hoping at the
same time. Faith is a strong belief of
the existence of an unforeseen object
or a person or the occurrence of an
unforeseen event.

Sometimes goodbyes are not forever. It
doesn't matter if you're gone. I'll
still believe in us together.

Sometimes having faith is just as hard
as letting go. Often, we get down and
lose hope. And instead of being
positive, we put our focus on the
pain. But if we could only realize and
see that what we have done could have
possibly planted a "seed of love" in
the other person's heart, having faith
wouldn't be too difficult. We can then
believe that love never really fails
after all.

I understand more then you think I
can. You have to go out on your own so
you can find your way back home.

True, love conquers all. It conquers
us. They say that if you were really
meant for each other you will end up
with each other. But little did we
know that it actually lies in a
mystery - we don't choose to love or
be loved, love chooses us. A little
time is all we need. The "seed of
love" that we have left wouldn't
suddenly sprang-up into a tree. It's
nurtured through time. And when the
right time comes, it will return to
you in a manner you wouldn't have

Letting go is just another way to say
I'll always love you so. We have the
right love at the wrong time. Maybe
we've only just begun. Maybe the best
is yet to come.

There was a saying that goes, "The
fastest way to receive love is to give
love. The fastest way to lose love is
to hold it too tightly. In addition to
these, the best way to keep love is to
give it wings." Letting go is not
always easy. In fact it can break you
and cause you a lot of pain. But
letting go is not really the end of
love; it is only the beginning of a
greater love. a love that time alone
can understand.

We cant beg someone to stay if they
want to leave and be with someone
else, we have to admit that love
doesnt give us the license to own a


Shayla said...

just ran across this. this is deep and very on point


I love your essay and point of view about love..Keep writing.I'm following you. Bravo!!!

Veneta said...

all what is said is so true....cauz i go through each and everyone of them....as they say...as i quote( what doesnt kill u make u stronger )

nepp said...

nice essay...

erika_te said...

deep!i can relate wid u!tnx for sharing;) and btw want to share it..just asking permission!want to spread these words of love!nice!!

sumit said...

Truely...well said. I can feel this as I had gone and still going wid this phase. but being a human your emotions r so strong that they keep questioning u..what about u urself? I really loved every line mentioned. Hats off to u buddy. :)

DJ said...

O man such a true feeling of love. thx for sharing man. i feel good :) thx.

Meah said...
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... said...

Hi..I love this write up..exactly what I feel right now...please I ask for permission to re-blog this on http://msteeq.blogspot.com...of course i will credit you..I tried looking for your email but I couldn't get it

I hope you wont mind me doing this? thanks a lot.much love!

Skye said...

This is good :) It is something with a certain depth that only one who had experience such can explain and share, maybenot totally but its good to see that you have the almost the same situation with the others...-relief--

how was your heart?

la demoiselle said...

So true!
Being through it.
Wrong timing's killing me , but I keep hoping and I'll wait till the seed of love gives its fruits.
It happened once, why wouldn't it happen again in due time?
Fingers crossed it does and it's meant to be.
What you wrote goes straight to my heart.Thank yo for phrasing my thoughts.
I feel the same and it's so worth the wait.

laz said...

Thanks for this very true and admirable essays... i just wanna post this to some sites so people may understand me... thank you so much.....your such an angel to me..

LaurenLolo{me}LaurieLoLC said...

this is a double edged sword for me right now...brings me some comfort but a little bit of pain at the same time.


i am letting go of someone now..i know i'll be better someday..it just hurt deeply now...nice quotes..

jessica garcia said...

Was helpful because I have to let go of someone I love more than anything because they diserve someone better

Larszig said...

well said, very nice.. thanks for this write up.

lezah said...

been looking for the right words that would match what i feel these days. well written.

Cassie Reese said...

Hi, I've been looking for some good and romantic love quotes for her that I can write in a picture and found some ideas here. Thanks for sharing this wonderful love quote collection. Post more... :)

Cheers and more power!

cocommokon okon said...

so true, so nice and so real

Purple Empress said...

i would say i can relate to this too much these days.

and i came up to the point of thinking, this world is cruel.

but instead of questioning why we had to meet that right love at a very wrong time, i would rather express my gratitude, that in this vast world, i was able to meet that wonderful once in a lifetime person.

and then so true as mentioned above,letting go is just another way of saying "i love you" -

it is too painful, but the world has to move on.

No regrets! :)

Amliw Otyed said...

Whoever wrote this can realy read those who are inlove and experienced true love at a wrong time. But still, if love finds you, it is always the right time....lovers only think it is a.wrong time...

j sy said...

true... but there is only one who you can truly love...if u happen to meet someone who you find love and happiness with, even you are committed to someone else....you can still choose to be with someone who you just met...